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How to Get in Shape for Wrestling

By M.L. Rose, AZ Central, 10/24/18, 12:00PM CDT


Do each exercise for as long as possible until you can’t complete another repetition properly. Work out all your major muscle groups. 

Wrestling matches might seem short -- a high school match, for example, consists of just three 2-minute rounds -- but they can be very intense. Depending on the wrestlers’ styles, a match may include 6 full minutes of constant activity that tests each competitor’s endurance as well as his strength and technique.

The wrestler who’s in better shape has more energy left in his tank late in the third round and is often the one whose hand is raised at the end of a match.

Step 1

Begin your workouts well before your season starts. If you wait until preseason practice to begin getting in shape your conditioning will lag behind the competition -- including any teammates who are competing for your spot on the squad.