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7 Exercise Ideas to Keep Kids Active This Winter

By Cincinnati Children's, 02/02/20, 10:00AM CST


In order for kids to find exercise fun, they need lots of variety. And when they find exercise fun, they’re much more likely to stick with it over an extended period of time. Plus, trying new physical activities together as a family will not only benefit your kids’ health, but can help fight the winter exercise blues too. 

We’re all aware that regular physical activity is important and has many health benefits. But even some very active kids have a difficult time keeping the exercise going during the winter months. We get it – it’s cold, it’s dark earlier, and the couch is so inviting.

With the winter-like weather in full swing, now is the time to arm your family with some strategies to get and keep them moving! Here are some ideas we share with our patients and families in our Center for Better Health and Nutrition/ HealthWorks! programs to help them beat the winter exercise blues:


Just because it’s cold outside does not mean you have to stay inside! The key is to bundle up. Dress in layers, wear boots instead of gym shoes, thicker, warmer socks, a hat at all times, and mittens or gloves. Moving around outside and getting your heart rate up will help keep you warm as well. Encourage your kids to walk the dog, go to the park, shoot basketball or play outside with friends.