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How a Growth Spurt Changes the Game for a Youth Athlete

By Stack MVP, 01/20/20, 2:00PM CST


Read on to see what a growth spurt means for your young athlete.

Infants are incredible movers.

Anyone with a little one running around knows the amazing positions they can effortlessly achieve. Their squats and hinges are often a thing of beauty.

How incredible is it that at the time of our lives when bipedal movement is at its freshest, most novel point, we start out with unrivaled mobility and technique?

Popular mobility programs preach that most mobility is not specific to the individual, and that there is a full, universal range of motion that every person is capable of. In theory, because we all started from the same ground zero (everyone was a baby at one point), we have the potential to return to our original abilities.

That would lead one to believe that the closer one is to infancy (children, adolescents) the more mobility they would have. It's the older adults we picture being hardened by age, deleterious habits and sedentary lifestyles.