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Soccer Training Drills for Kids: 12 Effective Soccer Training Drills

By IGeekSoccer, 10/25/19, 5:00PM CDT


Soccer training for children is as essential as anything else that goes on in the game of soccer. Read on for 12 drills to start incorporating into your next practice.

Fun and enjoyable soccer training drills for kids are an effective training tool sought after by soccer coaches who are trying to encourage this sport to the youth. Soccer drills for kids assist in improving their dribbling, passing and scoring skills. 

Soccer drills also help the children to develop communication skills and teamwork for all young players, something which can enhance team chemistry and the capacity to win games. 

The drills for training kids in soccer range from corner kicks and conditioning drills. Creating a game out of the drills will make it fun for the children while they practice on basic soccer skills.