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Five Common Mistakes Volunteer Soccer Coaches Make and How to Fix Them

By Chris Hummer, Soccer Wire, 09/17/19, 12:45PM CDT


When in doubt, just let them play. At the youngest ages, where players may only have a few hours of total lifetime experience on a soccer team in a game situation, just letting them play at practice during the week can actually be the best thing for them.

There are not many other things busy adults can do with their time that have as much positive impact on communities than to volunteer for youth sports. And among the volunteer troops that get kids off their smart phone and on the fields, volunteer coaches are among the most important. 

Whether you’re already volunteer coaching or decide to become one, you don’t need to feel intimidated, out of place, or unprepared. The #1 goal of getting kids out of the house is already accomplished by your willingness to get involved. Thank You!

The next step is to try and teach some soccer – and life – skills, while keeping things as fun as possible. But you don’t really need to know much about soccer to teach young players the game. You simply need to be a facilitator and positive influence.