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Yoda's Complete Guide to Mastering the Force of a Goalie's Mindset

By Andrew Dymski, MIND THE CREASE, 07/22/19, 12:15PM CDT


Lacrosse goalie mental training is something overlooked by a lot of goalies, coaches, and parents. Everyone gets so wrapped up in three point vs. five point stances, handling one vs. one situations, and running the ball up the field that they miss this area.

The truth is that there is more to becoming a great goalie than mastering the six feet between the pipes.

Under the surface, there is an entire world of amazing possibility. It is the realm of the goalie’s mindset.

If you can harness the power of the force of the goalie’s mindset, you can tap into some serious power.

Lacrosse goalie mental training isn’t something that is reserved for just the pros or D1 goalies. It is accessible and lax goalies of all ages can benefit from focusing on this area of their game.