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Performance Tips: Prevent baseball throwing injuries

By Twin Cities Orthopedic 01/13/2020, 11:15am CST

Throwing, especially in baseball, puts a lot of strain on the body. Whether it’s a 12-6 curve from the pitcher’s mound or a crow hop from the warning track, the arm is enduring incredible force, making it imperative to properly protect against injuries.

You Play With Your Eyes: Visual Psychology Wins the Prize

By Frozen Ropes 01/07/2020, 8:45pm CST

“Visual psychology is about performance strategies, but only for athletes who play with their eyes open."

Hitting in 2020: Tools, Tech and Vision

By Frozen Ropes 12/10/2019, 8:45pm CST

Player development at every level is better today because of recent technology and the measurables generated from “under the hood” intel on swings and pitching deliveries.

Evaluating to Develop Player Mechanics

By Eddie Vaca, DraftPro 11/13/2019, 9:45am CST

Evaluations help facilitate communication between players and their coach

The Role of a Hitting Coach

By The Hitting Vault 11/06/2019, 1:45pm CST

What is the role of a hitting coach or instructor? Check out Coach Lisle's video explaining the approach that all hitting instructors should have with their athletes.

Check out Coach Lisle's video below from The Hitting Vault on what the role of a hitting coach actually is, and how we can help our hitters reach their potential.

Find Your Groove: Pre-Action Rhythm is a Must

By Tony Abbatine 10/24/2019, 1:00pm CDT

Players of all ages need to have an internal dance

Best Baseball Colleges

By Next College Student Athlete 10/22/2019, 4:30pm CDT

The rankings below are designed to get you started on your college search by surfacing schools that you may not have thought to consider.

College baseball is extremely new and exciting experience for recruits – it is an entirely different ball game than high school baseball. Student-athletes will need to consider things like how far away from home they want to go, what type of campus they could see themselves at, as well as what division level is the best fit

5 Keys to Exit Velocity

By BRX Performance 09/13/2019, 1:00pm CDT

This article will discuss the exit velocity test and 5 tips for improving it.

Put Me in, Coach: Youth Baseball Participation on the Rise

By USA TODAY 08/27/2019, 12:00pm CDT

More than 25 million kids played baseball or softball in 2018, and nearly 15 million of those were "core" players who played 13 or more times in a year. 

Training Tips: Step Behind Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 10:00am CDT

Feeling comfortable and powerful at the plate can make a huge difference in a hitter’s success. Try the Step Behind drill from Blast Motion to help your hitters create more power.

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